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Group Leaders:

Erin Conley, MA, MFTi

Jacque Mular, MS, RD

Group Benefits:


-Increase awareness of and insight into the functional purposes of ED

symptoms in daily life

-Share your experience with others to help decrease shame and isolation

-Explore interpersonal dynamics that may prevent you from experiencing fulfilling relationships

-Challenge nutrition myths that perpetuate ED symptoms

-Heal damaged relationships with food, body image, weight, and exercise

-Encourage attuned eating using a non-diet approach


Who :  Girls and Boys Ages 13-17

When:   Every Tuesday afternoon

Where:  Sherman Oaks

Time:    4:30pm-5:45pm

Other:   Emotional Processing Groups 3 sessions/month. Nutrition Psycho-Education Group 1/month.  Each session costs $50.  Intake is required prior to joining groups.




Phone: (818) -489 - 4246


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