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“I came home and found my daughter lying next to her girlfriend. I always had a gut feeling that Mindy might be attracted to women. I just wished she didn’t throw this in my face." -Sarah P.Los Angeles, CA


 What Sarah says is relative to most family members who struggle with gay or lesbian loved ones. Heterosexual relatives have very little assistance from the community at large to cope with their own feelings; i.e. shame, anger, fear, and sadness. Family SHIFT offers a group therapy with a unique twist of having both straight and gay therapists who provide counseling to participants.



If you are a parent, spouse, sibling, adult son or daughter, or an extended relative this group will help you to:


-         Develop constructive ways of handling intense feelings.


-         Learn better problem-solving techniques in reducing conflict.


-         Improve communication skills.


-         Identify and practice better coping tools.


-         Build closer emotional ties.

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